Interest Only Loans

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house3If you’re a homebuyer looking to finance a new property or those much-needed renovations, you might think about taking out a tailored home-loan with the flexibility to use the healthy nest-egg already behind you to slash the cost of your mortgage repayments.

The interest-only loan

This option known as the interest-only home loan provides you with a bridging mechanism that frees you from the costly expense of paying interest on the principal sum.

With the principal due at the duration of the loan (usually two to five years) the recipient of the loan can use the savings to pursue other high-return acquisitions or put the difference towards that much needed holiday.

Who is this interest only loan suitable for?

If you want to defer the cost of a property acquisition to a later date, the interest-only loan is the ideal instrument to snap up that real-estate bargain without being extorted into a mortgage that costs an arm and a leg. The interest-only loan offers the borrower the ideal opportunity to put their assets to work servicing their own future growth and enjoyment, rather than servicing the hefty repayment load of the requisite mortgagee.

So if you are tired of being encumbered with high repayments and don’t want to see your hard-earned cash tied up in needless debt installments, why not visit the eChoice to find the interest-only loan that is suitable for you. While you are there, check out the easy to use mortgage calculator and compare the interest-only loan with other eChoice home loans.

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